Sheila Printing Dubai


Sheila Printing Dubai


Sheila is a popular product worn in the Middle East. It is a long and rectangular scarf wrapped around the head while covering the hair, neck and shoulders.

We offer a diverse selection of fabrics that are tailored to each individual's specifications. Whether it's a hand-painted vectorized design or a ready-to-print pdf picture, we print it in the size of your choice, complete with your name and label – even if it's a one-off.

You may now access our online 'Pattern' library, which contains an extensive number of patterns organized by theme for a variety of occasions.

Common Sizes:
  • 175 x 70cms
  • 200 x 100cms
  • 205 x 80cms
  • Custom sizes available

  • Patterns



    Sheila Crepe Fabric Printing Dubai


    Sheila Georgette Fabric Printing Dubai


    Sheila Chiffon Fabric Printing Dubai

    Silk Sensation

    Sheila Silk Sensation Fabric Printing Dubai

    Viscose Cotton

    Sheila Viscose Cotton Fabric Printing Dubai

    Rayon Linen

    Sheila Rayon Linen Fabric Printing Dubai

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