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Add customized silk scarves to your collection or use it as a gifting item for loved ones on special occasions. Edge to edge printed and hemmed by our in-house team ensuring a perfect finish. Best part, there is no minimum quantity requirement.

This is a popular product among textile designers and fashion aficionados. Send us your design, photos or collage and create something special.

Features :
  • Bespoke, designer scarves
  • Custom size possible

  • Now don’t be surprised to see a beautiful finish scarf!

    Head Scarf

    Head Scarf Printing Dubai
    Common Sizes
  • 90 x 90cms
  • 180 x 30cms
  • 180 x 70cms
  • 190 x 65cms
  • Any customized size
  • Head Scarf Neon Printing Dubai Head Scarf Neon Printing Dubai Head Scarf Crepe Printing Dubai Head Scarf Georgette Printing Dubai

    Neck Scarf

    Neck Scarf Printing Dubai
    Common Sizes
  • 70 x 70cms
  • 95 x 5cms
  • 138 x 13cms
  • Any customized size
  • Neck Scarf Silk Sensation Printing Dubai Neck Scarf Rayon Linen Printing Dubai Neck Scarf Paris Chiffon Printing Dubai Neck Scarf Georgette Printing Dubai Neck Scarf Crepe Printing Dubai

    Twill Scarf

    Twill Scarf Printing Dubai
    Common Sizes
  • 85 x 10cms
  • 110 x 8cms
  • 160 x 8cms
  • Any customized size
  • Headband Twill Scarf Dubai  Wristband Twill Scarf Dubai  Ankle Twill Scarf Dubai Twill Scarf Printing Dubai

    Personalized Scarf

    Personalised Scarf Printing Dubai


    Silk Sensation

    Silk Sensation Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Soft and smooth with a sheen
    • Slightly translucent
    • Slinky drape makes it a great substitute for silk
    • Strong and durable fabric for everyday use

    Viscose Cotton

    Viscose Cotton Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Mix blend with 40% cotton content
    • Blending reduces wrinkles and shrinkage
    • Simple to maintain and clean
    • Fantastic feel on the body

    Whisper Smooth

    Whisper Smooth Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Light-weight, super-soft to touch
    • Matt finish with excellent color reproduction
    • Good for easy to wear and relaxed garments

    Rayon Linen

    Linen Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Blended linen makes it air-permeable
    • Shape retention, wrinkle resistant, durable
    • Rustic look with a vintage feel

    Paris Chiffon

    Paris Chiffon Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Elegant, soft and light weight
    • Allows for a fluid drape
    • Transparent material with a subtle base tone


    Crepe Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Chic look for special garments
    • Sophisticated drape complemented with delicate crepe texture
    • Exceptional print result


    Georgette Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Lightweight, breathable, flowy fabric
    • Crinkled, puckered appearance
    • Light sheer, slight stretch, nice drape

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