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Custom printed magnetic sheets are used to apply on cars or used as fridge magnets. Many corporate companies specially in the retail field use it as giveaways during events and exhibitions.

They are user friendly in terms of application on the car followed by removal once the activity is completed – best for short term use. It does not leave any residue behind once removed making it a wise choice over other mediums of branding.

Other applications include house and office decoration specially having printed a memoir of a vacation taken with friend or family which can be further gifted to someone as a souvenir.

Car Magnets

Car Magnetic Sticker Dubai Magnetic Printing Printing Dubai Car Magnetic Sheet Dubai Magnetic Sheet Sticker Dubai Magnetic Sheet Dubai

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Round Magnet Sticker Dubai Custom Magnetic Sticker Printing Dubai Oval Shape Fridge Magnetic Sticker Dubai Collage Fridge Magnetic Sticker Dubai Chalkboard Fridge Magnetic Sheet Dubai

Cutout Style

Square / Rectangle

Magnet cut as a standard shape.


Magnet cut to exact shape of image, design.

Custom with Border

The shape of magnet is custom cut with a small border around the edge of design.

Round Corners

Magnet will have a square/rectangle shape with round corners.

Magnetic Stickers

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