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Our comprehensive choice of lanyards offers unmatched sophistication, protection, and convenience. We supply all that you need, encompassing stylish metal crimps, robust metal hooks, and breakaway elements for improved safety. With our easy-to-use tool, you can personalize your lanyards with choices like reflective printing, custom printing, and a choice of materials and colors.Get custom-made lanyards from Deluxe Printing and see the difference for yourself right now!

Lanyards are essential add-ons that work well with ID cards in a variety of contexts, including conferences, corporate offices, and classrooms. These useful straps give a means for branding and customization in addition to easy access to badges and identification.


  • Width: 20mm
  • 4 color printing on customized background
  • Both side printing option
  • Vivid Colors
  • Sharp result for small fonts and graphics
  • Closet match to Pantone shades
  • Edge to edge Printing
  • Style 1

    Lanyard with metal hook

    Metal Hook Lanyard Printing Dubai

    Style 2

    Lanyard with metal hook and neck safety break away

    Neck Safety Lanyard Printing Dubai

    Style 3

    Lanyard with metal hook and quick release clip

    Safety Buckle Lanyard Printing Dubai

    Style 4

    Lanyard with metal hook, safety break away and quick release clip

    Quick Release Lanyard Printing Dubai

    Style 5

    Lanyard with double metal hook

    Double Metal Hook Lanyard Printing Dubai Double Metal Hook Lanyard Printing Dubai

    Style 6

    Lanyard with reel badge

    Reel Badge Lanyard Printing Dubai Reel Badge printing Dubai

    Style 7

    Lanyard with metal hook and metal crimp

    Metal Crimp Lanyard Printing Dubai

    Rope Lanyard

    Rope Lanyard printing Dubai Customized Rope Lanyard printing dubai

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    Did you know that simply saying 'thank you' to your customers, employees, and other stakeholders can help you position your business for success?

    Other printing methods are not best suited for customized printing:

    Method 1: Screen Printing Lanyard Silk Screen Printing Dubai
  • Printing cracks
  • Limited lanyard color choice
  • Max 3 color printing possible
  • Small text and logo print blurry
  • Method 2: Heat Transfer Heat Transfer Lanyard Printing Dubai
  • Outer box marks visible
  • Suitable on white color lanyards only
  • UV Printing Lanyards Dubai
  • Good for quick turnaround
  • Suited for small quantity
  • Best for white color lanyards only
  • Decent color vibrancy
  • White ink printing not possible
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