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Special soft white PVC film


Available in glossy or matt finish and excellent opacity.


110 micron, 160 micron for floor lamination.


Suitable for advertising in supermarkets, toy stores, restaurants, theaters, parking lots, Hospitals, Book Exhibitions or other high-traffic areas where point of purchase displays are optimal.

Floor Sticker Cutout Style

Square / Rectangle

Floor decal cut in standard shapes.


Decal cut in exact shape of design.

Custom with Border

Cut out in exact shape with a thin border around entire design.

Round Corners

Like standard cut, but with the decal corners rounded.


Clean the surface thoroughly. Remove the back adhesive and apply the graphic to the floor from one side moving in the same direction. Please make sure that no air bubbles remain. If you see visible air bubbles, slowly pull up the decal and reapply. Air bubbles can be removed by making a small puncture and pressing the air out.

The decal should be removed slowly by pulling the sticker from the surface. Any remaining adhesive on the floor should be cleaned with a mild detergent.
Best way to maintain the floor vinyl graphics would be to clean it regularly with a mild detergent and a regular cloth. Avoid using strong detergents or any other chemicals which could damage the surface. Avoid hard scrubbing as it may damage the surface.
The Vinyl floor sticker has a lamination which protects the graphics from ink fading. Moreover, the graphics are printed using high grade 4 color UV inks.
It is possible to cut the vinyl floor sticker to your desired shape and size. Our cutting plotters offer Square, round and contour cutting with perfect finish.

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