Fan Scarf Dubai

Fan Scarf

fan scarf Printing Dubai fan scarf Printing Dubai fan scarf Printing Dubai fan scarf Printing Dubai


Add a fan scarf to your sports gear by custom printing your favorite club logo or country flag of choice.

Now print your design as one piece or select different images for the front and rear.

A perfect memento for football, cricket and other sports events.

Made from super light weight satin silk feel material making it a pleasure to wear for long hours.

Can be customized with tassel color of choice at the bottom end of each side.

Size : 100 x 15cms

Material : Super light weight silk satin

Stadium Flags Printing Dubai
fan scarf Printing Dubai


Silk Sensation

Silk Sensation Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Soft and smooth with a sheen, slightly translucent
  • Slinky drape makes it a great substitute for silk
  • Strong and durable fabric meant for everyday use

Viscose Cotton

Viscose Cotton Fabric Printing Dubai
  • Mix blend with 40% cotton content
  • Blending reduces wrinkles and shrinkage
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Rustic with a natural look and feel

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