Drawstring Pouches in Dubai

Drawstring Pouches

Drawstring Pouches


Drawstring pouches have multiple uses and make it a must have specially if it is custom printed in your fabric of choice – be it personal use or an occasion.

Use them to place jewelry such as pendants or necklaces, or for other little treasures such as rings and earrings. Could also be used for your bakery and confectionary needs like truffles or delicious chocolates.

Running a business selling little treats and jewelry; then its time you invested in special yet affordable packaging. These pouches are also a perfect choice to stock up on gorgeous gift bags to give presents to family and friends.

Drawstring bags also come in larger size to be carried over-the-shoulder style. Can be custom made with your favorite design with no color limitations. Available in water proof material as well.

Having printed names on the bag make it easy to recognize avoiding bringing home the wrong bag from sports, gym or school.


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