Dining Table Cloth Dubai

Dining Table Cloth

Dining Table Cloth Dubai


Our unique table cloths make every meal seem special, from informal weekday dinners to glamorous evening soirees to kids birthday parties.

Common sizes :
  • 180 x 180cms
  • 230 x 230cms
  • 180 x 275cms
  • 180 x 300cms
  • 180 x 365cms
  • Custom size available
  • Dining Table Runner

    Dining Table Runner Dubai Dining Table Runner Dubai


    Table runners for informal dinners or the most formal occasions can dress up your dining alternatives. These artfully designed table decorations are custom manufactured to beautifully complement with your placemats and table linens that goes with any décor style you choose to create.

    Common sizes :
  • 40 x 180cms
  • 40 x 230cms
  • 40 x 275cms
  • Custom size available
  • Casual Dining

    Viscose cotton

    Viscose cotton Table Cover Printing Dubai
    • Mix blend with 40% cotton content
    • Blending reduces wrinkles and shrinkage
    • Simple to maintain and clean

    Rayon Linen

    Rayon Linen Table Cover Printing Dubai
    • Blended linen makes it air-permeable
    • Shape retention, wrinkle resistant, durable
    • Rustic look with a vintage feel

    Wedding Theme


    Velvet Table Cover Printing Dubai
    • Rich and luxurious fabric
    • Has an ultra soft feel
    • Durable, washable


    Organza Table Cover Printing Dubai
    • Super light weight, plain weave with a crisp hand
    • Strong fabric with outstanding drape
    • Apparel, Interior décor

    Whisper smooth

    Whisper smooth Table Cover Printing Dubai
    • Light-weight, super-soft to touch
    • Matt finish with excellent color reproduction

    Size Measurement

    Table Cover Size Measurement Printing Dubai



    Trimmed Corner Table Cover Printing Dubai


    Regular Corner Table Cover Printing Dubai

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