Face Shield Mask

Face Shiel Mask Dubai Covid Face Shiel Mask Dubai


Protect from any liquid/aerosols penetration on your face.

  • Material: PPE (Poly Propyl Ethylene)
  • Approx 28cm height
  • Distance of clear visor from the face prevents claustrophobia & does not fog
  • Adjustable support band for universal fit
  • Light weight face shield (Approx 25gms)
  • No elastic or foam that hurts & discomfort
  • Temprature ambient (Not heat resistant)
  • Non-porous material / Easy disinfect & reuse
  • 1 head gear + 1 visor per set

  • Made in UAE

    Covid Face Shield Dubai Covid Face Protector Shield Dubai Covid Face Shield Dubai
    Covid Face Shield Dubai Covid Face Shield Dubai Covid Face Shield Dubai

    Protective Goggles

    Covid Goggles Dubai Protective Goggles Dubai Covid Protective Goggles Dubai


    Product features:
  • Suitable for eye protection
  • Light weight
  • Elastic head band that adjusts to any head size

  • Material:
  • Band: Cast acrylic
  • Visor: PVC 350 micron

  • Made in UAE

    Covid Protection Googles Dubai
    Protection Goggles Dubai Protection Glasses Dubai

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