Bandana in Dubai


Bandana in Dubai Bandana Dubai Bandana Fashion Dubai


Bandanas are the simplest and best way to add versatility and flair to your outfits. Beit at an informal event or trekking expedition with family and friends.

Design your own awesome graphic, pattern in any way or color and allow us to do the rest.

They make a very memorable and special gift or you can use them to add color to school events, festivals, company team building activities, family reunions and group vacations.

Common sizes:
  • 45 x 45cms
  • 50 x 50cms
  • 60 x 60cms

  • Patterns


    Adult Bandana

    Adult Bandana in Dubai Adult Bandana in Dubai

    Kids Bandana

    Kid Bandana Printing Dubai Kids Bandana Printing Dubai Kids Bandana Printing Dubai

    Neck Cowl

    Neck Cowl Bandana in Dubai Neck Cowl Bandana in Dubai

    Pet Bandana

    Dog Bandana in Dubai Cat Bandana in Dubai Horse Bandana in Dubai


    Silk Sensation
    Silk Sensation Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Soft and smooth with a sheen
    • Slightly translucent
    • Slinky drape makes it a great substitute for silk
    • Strong and durable fabric for everyday use
    Whisper Smooth
    Whisper Smooth Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Light-weight, super-soft to touch
    • Matt finish with excellent color reproduction
    • Good for easy to wear and relaxed garments
    Viscose Cotton
    Viscose Cotton Fabric Printing Dubai
    • Mix blend with 40% cotton content
    • Blending reduces wrinkles and shrinkage
    • Simple to maintain and clean
    • Fantastic feel on the body

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