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Wax Seal
All our Custom Wax Seals come complete with a Solid Aluminum Head and a Beech wood handle. The seal is deeply engraved to give you a vintage embossed impression. We are the cheapest wax seal manufacturers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Standard sizes of Wax Seals

2cm diameter to 3cm diameter (ROUND SHAPE)

Gold Wax Seal Sticks Rose Gold Wax Seal Sticks Copper Gold Wax Seal Sticks
Sweet Red Wax Seal Sticks Fuchsia Wax Seal Sticks Pink Wax Seal Sticks
Tiffany Wax Seal Sticks Silver Wax Seal Sticks Black Wax Seal Sticks
Rose Wax Seal Sticks Blue Wax Seal Sticks Purple Wax Seal Sticks
White Glue Gun Wax Seal Sticks Colden Glue Gun Wax Seal Sticks Dark Red Glue Gun Wax Seal Sticks

How to use Glue Gun Wax Sticks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  How to use Wax Seal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Gold wax sticks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Golden wax sticks are a popular choice for wedding cards and Vintage style sealing. Our wax sticks gives you a real gold look. Try our GLUE GUN GOLD WAX sticks which is faster than the conventional wax sealing process.



Size: 14cm long and 1cm thick (diameter). Fast & Easy to use - up to 10x Faster than using traditional (with wick) Sealing Wax. Each stick makes 7 - 10 wax seals (if a 2.5cm diameter seal stamp is used).

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Sealing wax Dubai

Sealing Wax can make an excellent impression to your stationery and adds an extra layer of elegance to an envelope that can often come across as rather plain and bland.

The wax seals we use are made from a flexible wax and available in GOLD wax sticks, Silver wax sticks, Red wax sticks, Black wax sticks, White wax sticks, brown wax sticks, Pink wax sticks and blue wax sticks. These are strong and flexible high qualtity wax sticks.

These are cutomised wax seal stamps for which your design can be completely customised to your preference and will be held in stock so you can reorder more seals in the future.